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February 24, 2008

I do take free stuff.

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Finally managed to get the flash-plugin to work on Opera. I recently installed Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon on my lappie replacing FreeBSD 6.2 to fulfill the training’s requirement I attended last week (but ended up I used the desktop provided). So back to flash, it was pretty annoying to get it working on Opera. I don’t remember having this kinda problem back when I used Edge. Even linux-opera’s flash plugin works out of the box in freebsd.

The solution is, use flash 7, it’ll work like a charm. Forget about flash 9.

Several times I was asked why do I use unix/linux and not windows. Most of the time I’d give them the easiest and fundamental answer – it’s free.

Logically, why would anyone opt for something that is expensive, when there are better products that come for free? It never really came across my mind before that one wouldn’t use linux because it’s free until I read this article. Funny, weird, but somehow it does make sense afterall.

On a different note, I tried vixta on my vm. First try and it didn’t work out well. Some of the buttons weren’t functioning, but yea it does look like vista. Prolly it behaves like one too 😛