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October 25, 2009

Quick update.

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If only I have the ability to transfer my thoughts to my blog, the number of posts would’ve prolly been doubled. No. Tripled. Probably more. The problem with me is I waited for too long. Way too long that all my ‘bright, lively’ ideas and thoughts in my head weaken out. And when the excitement is dead, there will be no more joy in writing. I guess that’s why twitter is so popular these days. Quick update in a short period of time. But that is something that am not interested in anyway.

Some of the things that I have thought of writing yet I didn’t:

Horrible drivers.
I curse a lot when driving. It doesn’t really matter whether am driving to work, or driving back home from work, nasty drivers can really get on my wick! Everytime I start cursing, I’ll think of blogging it, and expose their license plate number. I even thought of creating a website just for me to update my daily encounters with all these cocky drivers. But looking at the rate of my posting on my own personal blog.. nah.. forget about it.

Recipes, recipes and more recipes!!!

I’ve been baking a lot lately, mostly breads and cakes. Breads are awesome, I almost finished up a can of yeast in a matter of weeks! It all started off when I embarked myself in a quest of finding the best donut, or doughnut recipe. I made donuts on 3 weekends back to back, and my third attempt was so good that I actually wanted to mail that guy to thank him for sharing his recipe. But oh well.. I haven’t done that either.

Here’s the recipe courtesy of Secret Donut Recipe:

I have saved several pictures of my bread baking journey and yes I will definitely write about them. What fantastic about bread is that even if it turns out slightly off, most of the time it is still edible. Argh I’m hungry right now and I want cupcakes..

Update: At the time of posting, I’ve already baked about 50 cupcakes 😀

5 months with no updates :shock:. Need to say more?

Geeks who dick.
Okay I don’t know what’s that supposed to mean, but am referring to geek who is also a dickhead. Most geeks will feel insulted if they were asked whether they know how to do <insert-technical-task-here>. But some of them are seriously emotional emos that I feel like bitchslapping them left and right. Now I’m getting all emotional hmmpphhhh!!

me: Have you installed that already?
dick: I’ve installed that many times already..

You see, my question is simple, and the answer should be either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. That kind of response is another way of saying.. “So you think I know jackshit???”

Should’ve just responded back, “Just checking, you noob”.

My new keyboard.

I’ve been using my trusty Samsung keyboard for years that some of the letters are just not visible anymore. I don’t really have any problem with that since I type with my eyes focus on the monitor, and not the keyboard. Thanks for my years of experience in IRC, ICQ and YM. I decided to switch to my another keyboard, A4tech after I noticed an annoying stickyness everytime I hit the ‘A’ key. But the stupid thing with the A4tech keyboard is its layout. The pipe ‘|’ key which is normally located on the top row, below the Fn keys row, is instead placed right next to the right ‘Shift’ key, below the ‘Enter’ key. I use ‘|’ a lot so this is actually a major turn off for me.

If you’re a nix user, you’d understand how important this pipe key is. Why did I buy the keyboard in the first place, you ask? Because 5 years ago I was using Windows rolleyes

You may say it is just a keyboard, but am hell fussy with it. The feel, the sound, the surface of the keys, are all important to me. I will normally close my eyes, lean a bit close towards the keyboard, and start typing. I started to feel embarrassed after doing it so many times at every single store. I was hooked with Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard, but it was so frustratingly expensive. The keyboard alone will cost me almost 300 bucks, but it is one helluva beauty. So beautiful it haunted me every night, calling my name, begging me to run my fingers all over it. Anyway I didn’t buy the keyboard due to its price. Unless am a gamer, I don’t think it’s a wise idea to buy it and waste all of its macros  and whatnot capibilities. Eventually I bought myself a Gigabyte GK-K6800 keyboard and it’s a brill, but unfortunately I can’t use any of the glorious multimedia keys since my FreeBSD failed to detect them using xev. Yet to try to configure it using the standard keyboard multimedia keycodes. It’s an awesome keyboard and the price is cheap.

My fluctuating weight at that time of the month.
I just realized few months back that about a week before my menses, I’ll feel constantly hungry. Almost everytime at that time of the month, I’ll gain myself 2 – 4 lbs. It’s not just plain hungry, it’s more like having multiple cravings that can drive me up the wall. Am like a mid-end desktop turning to mainframe, but instead of crunching numbers, I crunch food 😆

Lol. Kidding.

Unrelated, why the fuck is the break tag doesn’t work properly in wordpress?