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December 10, 2009

Today is..

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my birthday!

Yay! Unlike every year, this year I get no cake! Zero. Nada. Zilch. Hmmpphhhhh!!!!

At first I thought I received more wishes from forums than friends, but I guess facebook saves the day. Lol.

Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to od!
Happy birthday to me!

December 29, 2008

What’s with od?

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I’ve always thought of writing about my online handle, ‘od’. TIme flies and I’ve forgotten about it. But recently Devin asked what is the hidden meaning behind od, so here you go..

Well Devin, od is definitely not octal dump, you make me sound so geeky. lol.

od is overdose.

Stuff I od’ed:

Me daily cup of coffee 🙂

Caffein – I love coffee. Nuff said.

I am a junk food junkie.

I am a junk food junkie. This is an example of a balanced diet.

Junk food – This local company had a junk food wholesale last time, and yea I went mad looking at all those junk food! I’ve not tasted them before, but hey, it’s junk food, and it has MSG in it, so what could go wrong with the taste? MSG is awesome! Damn it, I wish it’s good for health.


Hey look, that's my online handle on the inhaler :p

My asthma inhaler – Specifically my Bricanyl Turbuhaler 0.5 mg/dose by Astra Zeneca. The picture on top is a Symbicort, mainly for prevention, and the latest formula claims it to be effective on attacks as well. Prolly is, but NOT as effective as Bricanyl Turb. And yes, this is how I got the sixtydoses from.

My baby Bricanyl.

My baby Bricanyl. I just noticed that the expiry date is last year. lol. Oh well, as long as it works.

I used to think that I od’ed on my medication. Even my friends thought the same too. I am asthmatic, and I depend on my awesome set of inhalers. The prevention inhaler, to prevent asthma attack, and another inhaler that is taken during attack. I have used so many inhalers before, I couldn’t even remember some of the names, but Bricanyl Turbuhaler(BT) is the best! Instant relief that it feels like magic. lol. I seriously dig this stuff.

I take my BT not only during attacks, but whenever I feel nervous or too excited:
– Before I sit for exams or presenting my projects to my lecturers.
– Before I go out for a date.
– Before I call someone I like.
– Before I watch any of my favorite shows and stuff I fancy on the telly.
– Oh well basically I’ll inhale everytime am hype. It calms me down.

My asthma is much, much better now, but just like a lipstick is a must in every girl’s handbag, an inhaler is a must in my bag. And the addiction is getting better as well, I finally managed to control it (not to mention that it has been a long time since I last took an exam, went out for a date and called someone I like lol).

Well there are other things that I od’ed on but I can’t think of anything much at the mo. Prolly because they’re less prominent than the listed three.

So that’s about it. If it’s not because of the inhaler on my computer table while I was sitting thinking of a new ID to use, prolly I would’ve came up with something else than sixtydoses/od. I have a number of online handles that I’ve been using since my college days, and the reason for me to create a new one is just to keep myself anonymous. Ah well, sort of.

December 10, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

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Happy birthday to meeeeee!
Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee!!
Happy birthday to odddddddddddddddddddddd!
Happy birthday to me!

Happy 27th birthday to meself 🙂

December 9, 2008

Last post.

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This will be my last post.

Before I turn 27 tomorrow! Hehe 🙂

Well, being 26 is awesome, though nothing great happened to me.

I have stopped seeing him. Unless required.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

in my heart is where I long for you
in my smile I search for you
each time you turn and run away I cry inside
my silly way, too young to know any more
in my world the devil dances and dares
to leave my soul just anywhere
until I find peace in this world
I’ll sing a song everywhere I can
just too young to know any more
the wind covers me cold
the starry skies all around my eyes
far beneath the city moans
well worthy of the people there
oh, the psalms they love to hear
so let me sing a song for you
just to help your day along
let me sing a song for you
one I’ve known so very long
oh, please could you find the time..