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December 31, 2009

Which city you want to live in?

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Check out the Alphabet City.

I haven’t decided yet. When I first looked at all those alphabets, I thought I want ‘Z‘. But then I thought ‘P‘ is cool too. And after a while I couldn’t decide which alphabet, almost all of them are interesting to live in (hmm.. ‘S‘ is not really tempting, to be honest). I will need a few alphabets combined together to satisfy my needs.

I know Devin would wanna go for ‘W‘ or ‘V‘ šŸ˜‰ .

Oh my, I feel like am twittering.

December 6, 2009

And you think setting up a wallpaper is easy.

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It’s just so fucking hard to find a wallpaper when you don’t have a theme in mind. I used to like gothic, dark yet feminine wallpaper back in college days, but now am more into cartoonish, pastelish and cute wallpaper. Sheesh.. guess am getting cheesier by day.

I like manga, but I don’t like it as a wallpaper. I don’t like anything specific, anything that comes with a message, an agenda or propaganda. I like a generic wallpaper.

But now am bored. Am so bored with my wallpaper. I want to change it but I just don’t have any theme in mind right now. I just wish that I stumble on a gorgeous picture that I could download and set it as wallpaper.

On a different note, I was at the pharmacy today and I kinda realized that the security guard was eyeing me like am a damn shoplifter. Okay prolly it’s just my feelings but this isn’t the first time. Pffttttttt.

November 11, 2009


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Hehehe I think this is cute :P.

Oh I think Corey will like it too.

October 25, 2009

I want my 82 minutes back!

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I’ve wasted my 82 minutes watching Half Baked today. I had a high hope on this movie, thinking it would be something like Clerks II or Pineapple Express. Yea it’s a stoner movie but crap, Jim Breuer looked like a tard the whole time. I had a laugh on a couple of scene though.. hardly remember which scene anyway. Thought of stopping halfway but I was optimist that probably there would be some funny scene in the end but I was wrong.

Hahaha Elias is so funny I love em geeks.

September 6, 2009

Oh I miss blogging.

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I haven’t been blogging for more than a month. I have abandoned my blog temporarily and I don’t really quite like the fact that I did it. I don’t know why, I think am just lack of mood to write anything.. or even visit my blog. Lol.

Mine is crap.

Altec Lansing AHS515.

So anyway, I was being a bit creative this morning. I have an Altec Lansing AHS515 headset which I bought few years ago, and am not really impressed with it because I only used it for less than 2 years when suddenly there was no sound coming out from the left can. Not long after that the left pad fell off, so I decided to just throw it away. But wait.. the microphone is still working fine. But the annoying part is, it’s too bulky for just a mic. Yea you might be wondering why wouldn’t I just wear it since it’s a headset? Well now I have another headphone courtesy of Devin, who gave it to me because he thinks that the headphone sucks (see how nice he is? lol), so yea I can’t be wearing layers of headphones. Bottom of the line is, it sucks that I have to hold the big mic all the time while talking to him on linphone.

So today, I managed to convert my Altec headset, to a microphone with stand! It is fugly.. but am still proud of it. Oh am on linphone right now with Devin and am using the mic at the time of writing. The joy of multi-tasking šŸ˜›

Me mic hehe.

Me mic hehe.

December 29, 2008

What’s with od?

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I’ve always thought of writing about my online handle, ‘od’. TIme flies and I’ve forgotten about it. But recently Devin asked what is the hidden meaning behind od, so here you go..

Well Devin, od is definitely not octal dump, you make me sound so geeky. lol.

od is overdose.

Stuff I od’ed:

Me daily cup of coffee šŸ™‚

Caffein – I love coffee. Nuff said.

I am a junk food junkie.

I am a junk food junkie. This is an example of a balanced diet.

Junk food – This local company had a junk food wholesale last time, and yea I went mad looking at all those junk food! I’ve not tasted them before, but hey, it’s junk food, and it has MSG in it, so what could go wrong with the taste? MSG is awesome! Damn it, I wish it’s good for health.


Hey look, that's my online handle on the inhaler :p

My asthma inhaler – Specifically my Bricanyl Turbuhaler 0.5 mg/dose by Astra Zeneca. The picture on top is a Symbicort, mainly for prevention, and the latest formula claims it to be effective on attacks as well. Prolly is, but NOT as effective as Bricanyl Turb. And yes, this is how I got the sixtydoses from.

My baby Bricanyl.

My baby Bricanyl. I just noticed that the expiry date is last year. lol. Oh well, as long as it works.

I used to think that I od’ed on my medication. Even my friends thought the same too. I am asthmatic, and I depend on my awesome set of inhalers. The prevention inhaler, to prevent asthma attack, and another inhaler that is taken during attack. I have used so many inhalers before, I couldn’t even remember some of the names, but Bricanyl Turbuhaler(BT) is the best! Instant relief that it feels like magic. lol. I seriously dig this stuff.

I take my BT not only during attacks, but whenever I feel nervous or too excited:
– Before I sit for exams or presenting my projects to my lecturers.
– Before I go out for a date.
– Before I call someone I like.
– Before I watch any of my favorite shows and stuff I fancy on the telly.
– Oh well basically I’ll inhale everytime am hype. It calms me down.

My asthma is much, much better now, but just like a lipstick is a must in every girl’s handbag, an inhaler is a must in my bag. And the addiction is getting better as well, I finally managed to control it (not to mention that it has been a long time since I last took an exam, went out for a date and called someone I like lol).

Well there are other things that I od’ed on but I can’t think of anything much at the mo. Prolly because they’re less prominent than the listed three.

So that’s about it. If it’s not because of the inhaler on my computer table while I was sitting thinking of a new ID to use, prolly I would’ve came up with something else than sixtydoses/od. I have a number of online handles that I’ve been using since my college days, and the reason for me to create a new one is just to keep myself anonymous. Ah well, sort of.

February 22, 2008

hello world.

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Funny Pictures

..Ā andĀ odĀ hasĀ aĀ blog.Ā Again.