sixtydoses. where od is harmless.

Month #1.

Yellowish I know. It’s the caffeine :P. Look at the skin.. sign of aging. Bleargh.

The total cost for the braces is RM11,500.00. Yes fellas, it’s freaking expensive. I didn’t expect it to be that expensive. I mean come on, it’s 500 bux cheaper than the price of my car (second hand car but superb tip top condition, kinda fugly though). When I told a friend that I’ve paid 4000 bux (he didn’t know about the 11.5k total) as the deposit he just shook his head and asked..

“So you’re doing it because of beauty?”.

“Uh yeah.. hehe.”

“Women..” (shook his head again)

“Yea yea you guys spend your money on drinks and gadgets and porns and stuff, and that’s okay eh?”


I started my quest in looking for an ortho since last October. My brother suggested me to go to a dentist in Damansara Damai – that’s where he brought his daughter to to get her tooth extracted last time and he gave me some good feedback. The doctor is a nice, gentle young lady and yes I am very satisfied with the way she treated me. I have never felt such comfort at a dental clinic before. She said that my teeth are in a good condition, and all I need is some polishing on my current fillings and teeth cleaning. It was weird because I thought I have some holes on my upper teeth since it is pretty painful each time I consume sweet substance. But according to her, the tooth sensitivity is due to my habit of brushing the teeth too hard, which caused my gum to sort of lifted a bit and exposing the tooth’s root. So now am using a soft bristles toothbrush. Unfortunately she’s not an orthodontist, and the quest continues..

After few weeks I finally managed to book myself an appointment with an orthodontist near my place. This is good, since I’ll have to make a trip to the clinic every month. First appointment was on the 30th October. The doctor checked my teeth and told me that in order to proceed with braces, he needs to extract 2 of my lower teeth. I freaked out. I seriously did. Ok, all these while I thought that there are cases which you don’t have to get your teeth extracted out. Less severe cases like mine, for instance. I remember how I was so fucking scared sitting in that chair, thinking of whether to get my tooth pulled out or not (and of course, the thought of cancelling the whole braces thing came to mind, again). I don’t even remember when was the last time I had my tooth extracted. Prolly once. Or twice. And those were back when I was small. And that was it. All I know it’s gonna be a painful experience. But the doctor came to the rescue, and he guaranteed me that it’s gonna be a painless process. GUARANTEED. So I agreed, and he injected my gum with an anaesthetic solution, and before he extracted my right premolar, he did 3 fillings on 3 molars of the same side. Then he put in 5 spacers between some of my teeth. And yea, the extraction was painless 🙂 . But my purse hurts. That costs me 370 bux. KACHING!!!

I hate the spacers (I took out the right one after the first week because it hurts so much. But I do appreciate the space they created 🙂

No extracted toof pix though. I forgot to bring back me toof 😦

Second appointment was a week after that, on the 07th of November. Same stuff, but this time he did it on the left side of my mouth. Another premolar succesfully extracted with no pain, and 3 more fillings on 3 molars. Awesome! Second trip costs me 360 bux. My purse started to bleed..

Wonder why the tooth-fairy didn’t come to see me that night.. ummm..

Third appointment is today, 14th November. Today is the day he’s gonna put the braces on. He took out all of the 5 spacers which he put on the first appointment, and he started to glue the little brackets on each of my teeth. Then I got the chance to pick a color, so I chose white. The process didn’t take too long. Prolly about 45 minutes and all in all it’s painless. After that he did more fillings on the upper part of my teeth (I wonder how the first dentist that I went to claimed that all my teeth are good?). Fillings were done on 4 teeth with a total of 9 holes. NINE fucking damn holes!!!!!! Unbelievable! Sucha bad teeth I had all these while. Gah. And this time, I was charged 840 bux! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. don’t ask how my purse is doing 😦


Blowjob, anyone?

Went back home and I fixed 3 window grill locks. Then I felt tired and sleepy so I took a nap for a couple of hours. Woke up and realized that the pain has started to kick in. I popped in a raisin coated with chocolate ball and I couldn’t chew it because it was painful. I just let the chocolate to melt, and swallow the raisin. LOL.

But I can’t keep on swallowing the raisins can I? So..

Chocolate!!I eat the choc, mom eats the raisins 😀

Hurt and hungry.

Menu for lunch – Blended chiken, squid and veges tom yum + overly cooked rice (almost like a plain porridge).

Mom’s lunch. Same as mine, but not blended. I miss chewing 😦

My dental kit! I love the proxabrush even though it means I hafta spend more time brushing my teeth!

Oh I forgot to include in my Oral B CrossAction toofbrush! The green thing is a mirror. Notice how pink my bedsheet is? Hehehe.

Bringing this to office!

Current total spent for fillings: RM1570.00

Okay, long post. Am gonna stop now.



  1. Having braces is fun 🙂 You end up with all sorts of bits of food stuck in them and have to brush much more thoroughly or else a bit of spinach between your teeth is the least of your problems!

    Stick with it – it’s worth it when you have straight teeth and no braces!!

    Comment by Ray — December 11, 2008 @ 1:32 am

  2. Yea it is fun! And some say it’s pretty too hehehe. Owh and I had so much of curry that the bracket bands colour is now kinda yellowish due to the tumeric lol.

    Comment by od — December 12, 2008 @ 8:42 am

  3. You know what, I wish someone would’ve said that to me when I was way younger. All I heard before were mostly negatives, and I held myself back.

    Comment by od — December 12, 2008 @ 8:57 am

  4. i want to go there now, i mean in the dental clinic in damansara damai but how can i go there with proper and complete address.

    Comment by jen — October 4, 2010 @ 9:41 am

  5. i want to go there now, i mean in the dental clinic in damansara damai but how can i go there without proper and complete address.

    Comment by jen — October 4, 2010 @ 9:48 am

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