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It has to be one of the biggest decision that I’ve ever made – I got myself braces.

I’ve thought about it since I was in high school. The problem with my teeth is not that obvious, in fact, I can hardly remember if anyone had ever said anything about it. I have an underbite teeth problem that annoys me everytime I smile (I have a big, wide smile so yea having a nice set of teeth would be one of my ultimate dream). I don’t really remember why I didn’t proceed with wearing braces back in school days, all I know is now I regret of not doing it earlier.

Back in college, I have a friend who used to wear braces. She told me that my teeth aren’t bad at all and I should just live with it instead of getting braces. Plus I have to consider the fact that I might have to lose a couple or more teeth just to fit the braces in, and according to her, if I don’t take care of my teeth well after the braces period has ended, my teeth may drift out of its alignment since the structure won’t be as strong as before! Yikes. And so I stop thinking about getting braces.. for a while.


This is my smile taken about a year ago. Looks like there’s no problem with it eh? Yeah.. with that smile, if I were a guy I would’ve fucked me-as-a-woman. lol.

Early this year I went to a good friend’s engagement ceremony and she showed me some of her photos which was taken earlier by some professional photographers. One of it was a close-up photo and I can see how beautiful her teeth are. I was thinking if I were to have a photo of myself taken like that, I would’ve had a hard time trying to hide the underbite! Urgh. Not that am planning to get married anytime soon, but that’s when I started to think of getting braces, again.

Am older now, but I don’t care. I am getting myself braces, and am gonna get it tomorrow!!! I am damn excited (and nervous too) about getting it fixed tomorrow morning, but the thought of having to wear it for at least 2 years sucks like hell. Why can’t it be months? 6 months or something. Pfffffffftttttttttttt. I took the crystal sapphire type, also known as clear braces. It is made of ceramic.. bla bla bla .. etc. .etc. I fancy the colours. Am gonna wear clear brackets for a start, and am thinking of pink for the 2nd month! Hehehehhe. I wanna try allll available colours and yeah, I’d like to have a mix of em. It’s gonna be fun playing with the colours, but prolly I’ll end up look like a clown. LOL.

Proceed to month #1.


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  2. That’s a big decision that I’ve never made. i hope that you come through it all with the result you’re after. 🙂

    Comment by MrCorey — November 17, 2008 @ 10:40 am

  3. Yea. Am really nervous to see how the progress is coming 🙂

    Comment by od — November 17, 2008 @ 10:58 am

  4. I used to have braces, had them removed when I was either 15 or 16. One thing they don’t tell you, straight after having them tightened they really really hurt! I had a few sleepless nights, I can tell you. And I had 4 teeth removed so I could get them, something about my jaws being too small for my teeth…..

    On the other hand, when I had them removed I was able to smile properly for the first time in years so, on balance, I’m glad I did it.

    Comment by Ray — December 11, 2008 @ 1:29 am

  5. 4 eh? So am lucky enough that the doc only had to extract 2 of em. But he did mention of the possibility of extracting 1 or 2 of my upper teeth and that scares the poop out of me. Weird I don’t really feel the pain after he put on the braces, but only few hours after that. Yeah perfect smile, that’s what am aiming for woohoooo!

    Comment by od — December 12, 2008 @ 8:39 am

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