sixtydoses. where od is harmless.


I am od.

If there is no such thing as plagiarism, I would’ve copied 80% out of Ray’s ‘About’ page. I must say that it is the most honest and realistic ‘About’ page that I have ever read. Ever. It sorts of increased the urge that I had of writing a blog. So here I am, writing one.

I used to have several blogs and a couple of mock sites about 7 years ago, but I’ve deleted all of them because I don’t have the discipline of maintaining them. Well not that I’m well disciplined now, but as a friend put it, I spend 70% of my day in front of my computer/lappie, so why not waste a little time on blogging, she said. And since I’m not excellent with my social life (I am not anti-social, but I have to admit that I have a small circle of friends), sometimes I just need a place to vent out my feelings. So that I can have a good laugh reading my own rants. Even if it’s not funny.

I love computer, Internet, baking, cooking, art, music, photography, eating and the list goes on. I like to shop only when I have to shop, else I won’t shop unless I have some extra cash to spend. I don’t like being in a crowd where most of the people are strangers to me, so most of the time, if it’s possible, I’ll try my best to avoid going to parties, dinners and such. However, this is an exception if I have close friends to hang out with.

If any of my postings hurt any of you readers, trust me, it is unintentional. If you feel that I have voided any copyright content, then do let me know.

I can be reached at

P.S. I’d prefer to have but gmail doesn’t accept a username that is less than 6 chars. Sigh.

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