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June 26, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

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I woke up early this morning and had my occasional celebrities surfing routine when I saw a headline ‘Michael Jackson is dead’. I am a big fan of Jacko, but I was not even slightly intrigued by the headline. I didn’t even bother to click the link at all. Thought it was just another bullshit rumor and I could care less about it. It was not long after that when my sister text me a message on my cell – ‘Michael Jackson is dead’.

It’s hard to believe that he is dead. He is a music genius. No doubt he is the King of Pop of all time. When I was a small kid I used to watch his clips on the telly, and I think my favourite at the time was ‘Billie Jean’. Last year I had a MJ fever and I spent most of my time listening to his music, dancing and moonwalking and searching for his mail address (yes I thought of writing him a letter but I didn’t write any because I think the letter would’ve not gotten to him anyway). I love him so much that if MJ and Radiohead were to perform in my country on the same day, I would’ve gone to MJ’s concert. Well of course I’m a big fan of Radiohead too, but hell, Michael Jackson is definitely a true performer. He’s a legend.


June 22, 2009

Installing Sun VirtualBox on FreeBSD 7.1/amd64.

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Today I decided to install Sun VirtualBox on my FreeBSD 7.1/amd64. The installation from ports is straightforward as usual.

#csup -g -L2 /etc/ports-supfile
#cd /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox
#make install clean

I got stuck when it failed to fetch this file Dev86src-0.16.17.tar.gz.

#mv Dev86src-0.16.17.tar.gz /usr/ports/distfiles/
#make install clean
#hash -r ; ldconfig

Mount proc:
#mount -t procfs proc /proc

Load vbox driver module:
#kldload vboxdrv.ko
#kldstat | grep box
13    1 0xffffffffab46a000 3fb0e    vboxdrv.ko

Launch vbox from menu or command:


June 20, 2009

Virtualbox is now available in ports!

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This could be one of the bestest news I’ve heard in months!!

Excerpt from miwi:

“Today Virtualbox was committed to the FreeBSD ports tree. After a lot of work we had a good discussion today about how stable Virtualbox is, and after the CTF with take6 we got a lot of good feedback, so it was time to commit.”

Read it here.