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February 18, 2009

What do WebLogic and someone-who-stole-my-chair-in-the-office have in common?

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They both suck donkey balls.

February 12, 2009

And we are back as a couple!

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Well, I had intended to write a longer introductory post but I don’t want to keep od waiting until she turns 30. 😛 Well, I’m sure it is obvious now that me (Devin) and Od have been a couple since this past January 11th. It was my girlfriend’s idea to have a shared blog so expect to read various blog posts relating to technical issues, politics, economy, and occasionally religion. I just hope Od doesn’t come to regret this decision! Now she will be reminded on a daily basis about the sagging economy and the gold standard! Well not daily since I only want to write material that meets a certain literary and relevancy standard and I am not that prolific. It is my first foray into blogging and the ever powerful WordPress platform! Luckily, technical support from Corey is only a phone call away!

And it has ended.

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