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July 4, 2008

Drunken words, sober thoughts.

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Some say that when you are drunk, you will tend to spill out the truth. Whether that will lead to something good or bad, it doesn’t matter. The important is, every single word that you utter, is an honourably or a disgrace truth.

Others say, when you are drunk, your brain will be in a less-conscious state, resulting in you horseshitting and bullcrapping. So probably whatever that has been said is < 100% truth.

How far is this true anyways?

I personally find that there is no mediocrity in a drunken man or woman. Consider the following scenarios:

State: Drunk, and you are in need of something.
Behaviour: You will be unbelievably pleasant. Act super-duper nice in attempt to get what you have desired for. You seduce and you praise the lady with black lace, deceiving her with the smile on your face. Yes, you are telling the truth with the praising, but it lacks of honesty.

State: Drunk, and you are pissed off/mad/moody.
Behaviour: You will be unbelievably awful and most of the time, rude. You will scorn the people around you and being insensitive towards your surrounding. You are telling the truth, but sometimes probably it’s just too much. Could be good, could be bad.

State: Drunk, and you are neither in need nor moody.
Behaviour: Off to bed.

So yes, I do agree with the quote, but with a rule – believe literally what is being said while keeping the emotion empty, and disregard everything else.


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