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May 12, 2008

Advertisement: Best friend wanted.

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Intro: Back in the college days I used to back up almost everything. Almost all of the junks that I kept in my computer. So yesterday I was going through some of the backup CDs, just looking for some old paperwork when I found a piece of writing that I wrote when I was dead bored. Upon reading it I’d have to say that I don’t completely agree with everything that I have written, but it’s nice to see how I have changed, even though it is not so significant – I realized that I myself rant a lot, so that makes complaining as my part time job. I don’t mind hanging out with smokers, in fact, it never bothers me. I remember that I wrote it for a blog that I owned at that time, but somehow I never published it. And I don’t remember why. So here goes.

20/female, seeks a best friend. Now resides in Cyberjaya and still studying in MMU. Age of applicants may vary from 18 – 30. Applicants with the age outside of this range, may consult the advertiser for approval.

Simple, open minded, outspoken and understanding applicants with an adequate control in English are most welcomed. Looking for someone who can endure the behavior and mood of the advertiser, especially with her PMS mood swing that might be an excused for her to be bitchy. Sasrcasm, profanities and vulgar words are acceptable. Dirty jokes, insults and blatant conversations may take place, thus, applicants with super sensitive feelings may ignore this ad.

Applicants must meet the following qualifications – On top of all, applicants MUST be civic minded. Give and take, toleration demeanour are primal. No compromise for backstabber and begrudgers. Exert pressure againts advertiser will be portrayed as a privacy invasion. Wanted a person who will always be there for her, who will hold her at the times of her fall, concerns and won’t leave her for other guy or woman. Act as oneself, and not to please her.

Similarities with the advertiser is a bonus. As an example, a good taste in music, like Radiohead, Muse, Smashing Pumpkin, U2 as well as solos like PJ Harvey and Bjork. Hate talking with a snobbish tune. Stupid nags and complains will not be entertained by the advertiser, since she hates people who has nothing to do else than complain, complain and complain and keep on complaining until everything is fucked up and still complaining. A sensible complain will be accepted as normal, especially a complain that comes along with an action.

Preferably does not smoke, drink or partake any illegance substance abuse. Believe in destiny, yet trust that there is a power to decide and change the fate through courage and will. Caffeine addiction is permissible.

Advertiser loves to be loved yet doesn’t know how to show an affection towards others. Sensitive person she is, yet doesn’t show her sensitivity. Applicants with the ability of making the advertiser feels smart and cool will get extra merits. Enjoy talking aimlessly about life , mind and people. Willing to share opinions, views and feelings but not making it a reason to create a gap between applicant and the advertiser.

Applicants are not allowed to apply on behalf of other applicants. There will be no deadline for this application. Applicants are not limited by quantity, but it may differ depending on circumstances.

Friday, 29th November, 2002.

May 10, 2008

Signs that I’m busy.

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Unread comics.

Unchecked emails.

Fallen cars.

My precious.
Untouched preciouses.

Other than that, messy bed, huge gap between blog update dates – but this could be a sign that I’m lazy too, bad hair day.. etc.etc.


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May 9, 2008

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