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March 20, 2008

File name truncated – huh?

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I was installing WAS v6.0.2 on a HP-UX B.11.31 IA-64 server and had a problem while trying to install the Update Installer for fixpack 25. Now again, the problem did not occur during the patching, but during the installation of the Update Installer itself.

Since WAS v6.0.2.21, IBM decided to separate the update installer package from the fix pack. This is great since this can save up time as it avoids the redundancy of downloading the update installer which normally can be used across the similar product version. But now one must be sure that the he/she has the correct version of update installer to match with the fixpack to be installed – IBM takes care of this with ‘FIX CENTRAL’. As for me, I’m sure I have the correct one.

Now back to the problem with the update installer. Based on the logs it stated that there is a missing file – no such file or directory. Well actually there are more than just one missing file, but the installation will stop each time it failed to find a particular file, and on the next re-run it will detect another missing file and so on. When I went through the directories, I figured that there are few files with their names truncated. So that explains the error of the missing files.

I untared the same file on my ubuntu, checked the file names and they are all in perfect condition. Erms. I’m confused. Why and how were the names got truncated? Probably during the sftp of the installer from my lappie to the server?

A screenshot that says it all:

WAS err.

On a different note, I think it would be nice if IBM could provide a checksum of all the files available for download so that I could just simply check if the files that I downloaded are not corrupted. At the moment I’m keeping a list of my own md5 checksum of all installers that I have downloaded.

Another thing that bothers me is that sometimes I just don’t understand the Download Director that I use to download IBM softwares. While I like it more than http download, I am so confused with the ETA. How do you define a negative value of an ETA? This normally happened when I download multiple files at a time. Gah.

Download director.


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